Episode 30 – Being a Tactical Athlete with Kelley Starrett

Episode 29 – Lessons Learned As a SEAL Officer and As The Assistant Secretary of Defense – Michael Lumpkin

Episode 28 – Nationwide Issues in Special Tactics: A Panel Discussion with the State Associations from the NTOA Conference

Episode 27 – Lessons From an Office Down and Traumatic Hostage Incident – Orlando, FL

Episode 26 – Hostage Rescue In A Trailer Home – Hastings, MN – South Metro SWAT

Episode 25 – Lessons Learned From 5 Decades of Police Leadership

Episode 24 – Key Events in the Evolution of Swat and CNT

Episode 23 – 2017 Vegas Attack: Handling a Mass Casualty Incident – Dr. Kevin Menes

Episode 22 – Lessons Learned From A Legendary Tier 1 Operator – CSM Tom Satterly (Ret.)

BPL-05 – Chief John Perez – Building Resilience In Those You Lead